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Complete care for your pet from the first step.

How we can help you:

vet-planet-veterinarska-ambulanta- vetplanet-clinic-andrija-dakovic-dezurni-veterinar

Complete care for pets

– Vet Planet suggestions for long life –

Regular check-ups and wellness exams are necessary for the pet's health and well-being.

Dog vaccination, cat vaccination, microchipping, regular wellness exams for dogs and cats, dental tartar removal, grooming, dog bathing and hair removal, nail clipping, ear cleaning, food and supplements for dogs and cats...

vet-planet-veterinarska-ambulanta- vetplanet-clinic-andrija-dakovic-dezurni-veterinar

Specialist examinations

– pet treatment and diagnostics –

Household pet sickness is upsetting for the owners. Try not to panic and take your dog or cat to the vet for adequate therapy.

We are there for all specialist examinations, complete laboratory analysis, ultrasound, endoscopy, CT, MRI, otoscopy, rhinoscopy, neurology, dermatology, blood transfusion, patient follow-up and treatment.

vet-planet-veterinarska-ambulanta- vetplanet-clinic-andrija-dakovic-dezurni-veterinar

Emergency care and surgery

– when giving up is not an option –

Sometimes pets require emergency care because their life is in danger. For some emergencies responding time is not an issue, but they require higher level of expertise. Therefore it is necessary to have proper equipment and staff to provide emergency care.

Surgeries, foreign body removal, orthopedic surgery, tumor surgery, biopsy, neurosurgery, eye surgery, dental surgery, cardiology, intensive care...

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If you want to collaborate with us on your complex cases and diagnostics, you can find information about the equipment that clinic provides and types of collaboration here