Internal education

Veterinary internal education is taking place in the clinic's facilities and it is aimed towards employees, interns, volunteers and veterinary technicians, who are members of our team. Internal education is very important to us and we are striving to share the knowledge with all our members.

We are looking to expand our team and offering positions to doctors of veterinary medicine and veterinary technicians. We are always happy to accept interns, volunteers, veterinary medicine students, anyone who is willing to learn and develop new skills.

In our everyday practice we handle a huge number of cases, some of which are very unusual, which provides a great possibility for professional development. Every one of our colleagues is learning and getting experience and knowledge that is not available anywhere else in Serbia.


We are offering internal education in the following fields:

  • emergency veterinary medicine
  • soft tissue surgery
  • orthopedics
  • diagnostic procedures
  • methods of treating animal diseases

Vet Planet Clinic team

Andrija Daković – DVM Sc

He started practicing veterinary medicine 20 years ago. Ever since he was a child his love for animals came form his grandfather who loved horses. He never considered being anything else than a veterinarian. After high school he enrolled in Veterinary Faculty in Belgrade, after graduating he continued with his specialization.

Adrenaline makes an integral part of his life and his favorite hobby is extreme quad driving. For him, surgery is a challenge and he won't give up even in the most tense situations.

He is advocating team work because he doesn't think veterinary medicine as it is today can be a ''one man show''. He believes that you need to invest in development and education of employees as well as follow the latest global trends in order to have a veterinary clinic that maintains high quality of work.

Vladan Ranković – DVM Sc

He started practicing veterinary medicine 10 years ago. As a child he witnessed veterinary interventions and fell in love with his future job. His favorite field of veterinary medicine is surgery.

In his free time he rides a bicycle and enjoys homemade food.

Vlado Kukrić – DVM

He started practicing veterinary medicine 8 years ago. He loves this job because it is filled with challenges and excitement. Fields that inerest him the most are: internal medicine, emergency care, clinical pathology and therapy in exotic pet practice. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and is most excited for bajadera sweets.

Nikolina Bjelica – DVM

She started practicing veterinary medicine 7 years ago and enjoys internal medicine the most. She chose veterinary medicine because no day is like the other in this field of work. In her spare time she reads and goes for long walks. If she is on break, she snacks on Dorina chocolate with biscuits.

Nemanja Petković – DVM

He became a veterinarian because of his great love for animals. He enjoys his job and describes it as dynamic. He is especially interested in internal medicine. All of his spare time he spends with close family members and fishing.

Dunja Mačkić – DVM

She loved animals ever since she was little. Since high school she wanted to help our four-legged friends. Her favorite field of work is internal medicine. In her spare time she enjoys watching movies, drawing and spending time with friends, family and long walks with her dogs.

Nikola Krasić – DVM

Because of his love for animals he left for Moscow to study veterinary medicine. His favorite fields of work are internal medicine and clinical pathology. He enjoys travelling and guitar.

Tijana Daković – DVM

She chose veterinary medicine because of her love for animals and everyday challenges that helping pets brings. Her favorite fields of work are cardiology and emergency care. She enjoys spending time in nature and eating ice cream.

Strahinja Ćibić – DVM

He is a PhD candidate and likes biomedical sciences that bring him new challenges every day. His favorite fields of work are anesthesiology and emergency veterinary medicine. He enjoys nature and Serbian national cuisine.

Ivana Radosavljević – DVM

She loves all animals, especially cats. She chose veterinary medicine because it is a dynamic job that requires full commitment. Her favorite fields of work are internal medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation. All of her spare time she spends with family, reading and playing the guitar.

Uglješa Jakšić – Veterinary technician

He wanted to work in veterinary medicine since he was in the fifth grade. He loves being surrounded by animals of all kinds of species. In his spare time he enjoys baklava dessert, travelling and driving at night.

Vet Planet was founded in 2006. and today it is the first registered 00-24h veterinary clinic in Serbia.

The clinic provides accommodation for guest lecturers. If you would like to be our guest in Belgrade or you require additional information about internal education and the possibility of employment

contact us