Household pet

What should you know before you bring your new pet home?

Should you get a household pet? This is a common dilemma because wants and needs of a household pet become owner's resonsibilities. If you are asking yourself is it time to fulfil your child's wish and get a new four-legged family member, first you should consider a couple of important factors. 

Even though children are the ones that wish for the pet, adults are aware that they will be responsible for caring for it. On the other side, families without children should also consider the pros and the cons of buying or adopting a new pet.  

The most important things to consider before letting any pet become your new family member are the resources you have. We are talking about time, space and financial possibilities, because you will need all 3 of them in order to take care of a household pet until the end of it's life. 

Household pet and a change in lifestyle

As soon as you bring a new pet into your home, a lot of your habits will change to accommodate the pet's needs. You should adapt to your pet's needs, because it will demand food, sleep, regular grooming and playing, as well as your attention. Take into consideration that you will be spending money on pet food, visits to the vet and miscellaneous pet products (i.e. dog leash, pet bowls, hair brushes, toys, etc.) but the pet will demand your time and space in your home as well.

Regular walks to the park, proper nutrition and preventive visits to the vet require the owner being extremely organized. All of the above can disturb your habits and lifestyle, and you should be prepared for some changes.

Considering the forementioned resources you should inform yourself about different species and breeds of pets available. For example, people who lead a more active lifestyle and already spend a lot of time outside, won't think of dog walks as burdens. On the other hand, people who spend more of their time inside could benefit more from getting a cat. 

Taking your pet to the vet regularly

It is very imoprtant to bring your pet in for a veterinary exam while it's still a puppy/kitten so it can be dewormed, treated for fleas and ticks and vaccinated against infectious illnesses. 

There is an unspoken rule in veterinary medicine that states that it is easier to prevent than to cure diseases (some of which can be fatal but prevented with a regular vaccination schedule).

You are obliged by law to mark your animal with a microchip. That way you become your pet's rightful owner and you are responsible for your pet's well-being.

Household pets nutrition

Every household pet, whether it's a dog or a cat, needs a balanced diet in line with it's breed and health. 

It is important to provide the food with the most quality ingredients possible so that the animal will be healthier and more resistant to various diseases. As with humans, there is a rule ''the better you eat, the stronger your immune system'' which applies to animal as well. Therefore, it is imperative that your pet receives premade dry food made by well-known manufacturers, that already has all the necessary ingredients needed for proper development.

One of the misconceptions about dog nutrition is that it is enough for them to eat once a day. Recent studies show that even though the dog has received the proper amount of food in one meal, the dog is still hungry. Therefore, it is recomended to feed your canine twice a day - breakfast and dinner. 

Conclusion: pets. Yes? Or No?

After reading all of this a lot of perspective owners can get discouraged by the amount of responsibilities and that pet activities will demand too much time. 

However, long-time owners, as well as veterinarians are reassuring you that all that you will invest is insignificant when compared to the love, happiness and overall positive energy you will receive in return from your pet. All of the resources that went to your pet become irrelevant because you have unconditional love for the rest of your pet's life. 

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